First night with a new domain

Well hello new domain name. Fancy meeting you here at this hour.

Time to start work on exactly what this little journal/blog/site is currently about. An open log of projects. For tonight, in spite of the higher than pleasant temperatures, I committed to an hour of working on cleaning up the garage. See the thing is, the garage used to be a place of quiet and solemn construction of new and interesting things. Between a spate of tedious house projects like new flooring, new ventilation ducts, new bathroom tile, the garage became home to many a half finished project and leftover house materials. Example:


So yes! Some clean up is in order. Thing is this is enginerding time, so we need a decision tree!


Incomprehensible?! Absolutely, but fairly simple in execution…if it’s a project that I just can’t see myself getting back into, it’s out the door. And if it’s not something useful in a future project it’s out the door… ‘course…that’s what trips me up a bit… Well of course 6 different sizes of thin gauge brass tubing aren’t useful right now…but in the future?! (answer: No…they still won’t be useful because I will have long since forgotten I have them!) Sadly if there’s one thing I do know it’s that my memory for my current inventory of raw materials is pretty bad when designing something new. I tend to just go to McMaster and download a new model, then order exactly the parts I need. Nothing wrong with that, it’s more expensive, but it also means that when I have excess parts they’re often wasted. Ah well…such is the way of things.

Although maybe this go-round I can finally figure out a system to file and inventory raw materials…not a bad idea… Just have to make sure the cost of keeping such a system does not exceed the cost of the materials themselves… McMaster-Carr is only a few mouseclicks away after all.

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