Kit Car Progress – On the Donor

This has been a banner weekend for progress on stripping the donor of all of it’s vital organs. When last I posted not but a day or two ago, I’d finally…FINALLY stripped off just about all of the wiring harness, less some transmission and ABS sensors. What a project just the harness was. It also necessitated stripping all of the interior and dash, the remains of which litter the driveway. I’m selling what makes sense to sell, recycling what I can, but the rest must go to the garbage, which actually isn’t as much as you’d think.


Between yesterday and today I managed to strip off the forward subframe, the suspension and its primary crossmember, the steering column, AND the pedal box assembly! I even managed to disassemble almost all of the suspension components, so I can clean them up and paint them for assembly into the 818C! This will make the next steps of the 818 go much more smoothly.

Although to be fair, having this particular Monday off is a little weird. I mean I get the basics, which is that the company has floating holidays and they just kind of pick one to be it this year, but Columbus day? For starters…I’m not fond of Columbus day itself. That guy was a real bastard, even by standards of the time…not a good person. Very much the type of person that felt that indigenous people were not actually people, but celebrating somebody who tried to find India and missed is also a little weird. I don’t know, he just doesn’t feel like someone worth celebrating, especially after all of the horrific things he did. Conquistadors were not good people in my book, and remembering Columbus as the first of the Conquistadors seems reasonable, but actually celebrating him… Times were different back then, and while people say you can’t judge by modern standards…I’m fine with judging by modern standards. So let’s just call this, ‘you get a day off day’ instead.


And with that day off comes research into what kind of disc brakes I want!

Gratuitous dog photos:

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