818C The Saga Continues (forever)

Finally got a chance to get back to the 818C this last couple of weekends. My office used up its floating holidays to make Monday through Wednesday of the 4th of July off. It was perfect timing to get some good work done on the 818.

Finally…after way more hammering than seems objectively reasonable, I managed to pull apart the rear half shafts! Man they were a pain in the butt, but I finally figured out a method that works. Originally I had them clamped sideways and then hammered to the side. What I figures out is if I clamp outer diameter of the inside joint I can mount it vertically and really hammer it, with the bonus that gravity is on my side.

After that I started painting up the first of the two rear bearing housings.


I also managed to install four more sheet metal pieces. The side walls. These were straightforward…just a lot of silicone and rivets to keep them in place.


With those side plates in, the fuel tank got its final home including some added insulation and damping on the bottom and back sides to make sure it doesn’t rattle like crazy once this whole things running.


Last but not least, I revisited the pedal box assembly. I’d had it installed before, but I just wasn’t satisfied with how the brake master cylinder mounted up. The screws were so close to the pedal box wall that they didn’t fit well and would end up not lying very flat. so I popped it out and dremelled out some clearance holes in for the two screws. Now it’s mounted back up with the clutch master cylinder and as an added bonus I put the steering wheel on as well! That one was an easy job, but nice to get done for sure.

Next on the agenda is building the new axle half shafts. I have CV Boots on the way, so they should go together quickly, then I can finally finish installing the rear suspension! After that… brakes maybe?

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