Days of our Knights Part II


A first in a bit, I actually managed to get a game in on the weekend! It was nice to actually get two games in this week, just wish I’d been able to during the Kurage campaign. Which to me felt too short and far too laced with drama. So today we got a game in to play Supplies. A really fun mission and one I would definitely play again.

For deployment I’ve got two Seraphs yet again, my opponent was kind enough to loan me a BUNCH of models because I forgot to bring my box of Nomads that has drones and TAGs, so today I’ve got an O’Yoroi Seraph as well as Songbae Yaokong (posing as a repeater bot) and a Husong Yaokong posing as a forward observer bot. I also realized I haven’t finished painting my machinist and bot so they get to be an Auxilia today. I made sure the snowy auxilia is my palbot.

Deployment was interesting. We had some really good corridors, but nothing very long. So I posted the sniper on the roof with Lt Fusilier. On the ground was the FO fusilier to ‘hopefully’ claim objectives. With a Seraph on each side, plus the Machinist and palbot spread between Seraphs I was reasonably happy. I just dropped the TO FO Sgts next to objectives so they’d be ready.

My opponent was using Aleph for the first time. I think I’ve only played against Aleph once, so this should be fun. Roger Van Zant as the Aleph HVT observed the proceedings.


That said… I realized I was facing a bucket full of Aleph Myrmidons…without any MSV… this I realized on the bottom of Turn 1 though, so that’ll be later

Active Turn I:

We started with the fireteam moving up so the sniper would be in covering position. The LT stayed prone and moved up to the wall just in case. Below the FO moved up just so he had cover and some good firing lines.


We did decide before the match that the barriers the myrmidon’s were behind were too tall to see over. They were just a slightly weird size, because almost every troop stuck over it slightly, but a silhouette was well covered, so we just said yep… they’re much bigger. Don’t worry about it.

Next up I have a bit of a problem…They’re bunkered in like a tick. I have some options. I’ve got 8 orders so I have some options. I could sprint up one of the Seraphs and really try to do some close damage. Risky, but potentially crippling early game. Or I could try and move up the Seraphs to get some really good positioning for when they exit cover. Or I could move out some troops, pull datapacks and retreat.

I probably should have done that last one, but surprising no one I went for SERAPH SMASH!


So we did space a couple of the fireteam rules here, specifically that they all have to react the same way. I don’t think it would have made much of a difference though. The Seraph might have survived because the Myrm officer wouldn’t have had burst 2, but not much was different. He still had plenty of command tokens to reform in Turn 1. That said… WOW! Admittedly looking back it wasn’t the best plan. They were all hidden, I should have brought out the Camo sgts, grabbed objectives then put everyone on suppressive. That would have been smart, but I do so love a Seraph at work.

Unfortunately dice were not with me. I managed, in the active turn, to trade an 82 point Seraph for 16 points of Myrmidon… Dang… not so good.



Start of Turn 2 and I’ve lost quite a bit… though to be fair I lost an entire Seraph in Turn 1! This is not so good in that I’ve lost all of my orders though! I still have 2x sgts. I can make good use of them, plus one seraph, machinist, LT (thank goodness), and an FO bot. I do still have 3 specialists, so I have some shots at salvage for sure.


Start of turn 3 and I didn’t take as many photos as I meant to, but basically Steel Phallanx…doing the responsible plan, moved up, grabbed 2 objectives then began retreating.


I am back in active turn and I have 4 orders plus one TO camo sgt…  and I have a plan. I’ll use the Seraph to vaporize the Hector link spitfire and heavy flamethrower ought to do some work.


Second I’ll bring in my FO SGT and he’ll cap a second objective. TAG picks up the Hector team’s objective then just try to weather it to have 2 of 3.



And the game comes to an end. I misread the mission, so it really would have been better to try and grab at least one objective, so that was my mistake. At the end we were 5-0. Jan had 2 boxes and I’d grabbed none. Neither of us made classifieds. A good game though! A lot of ups and downs. I really felt bad running that seraph up because I thought it would just cripple his link…then it managed nothing more than 1 myrmidon down! Had to play a lot of catch up after that.

As mentioned earlier I think my really big mistake. I should have just run the Order Sgts out first thing. Grabbed the objectives then just turtled up with a gun line.

That said… The seraph sprinting up was WAAAAAAY more fun… and seems in line with the fluff:

“They are reckless, they attack without fear of death because they know they are imbued with the power of Christ. Such religious fervor has led to such a high number of fallen among the officers of all of the Orders that it was decided to equip them with Remote Presence combat units.”



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