It’s always a good question isn’t it?

For now let’s keep it simple. This is stuff I’m working on. It’s projects I’m completing, occasionally it’s completed projects, but it’s a bit more than that, it’ll be just about anything me or my wife create that we’re proud of. More than anything though it’s a space for me to put projects on a page. I think it keeps me accountable in a way. To see the progress of a project can push you through a tough spot. To realize you haven’t written on a project in months can reinvigorate your interest in it.

And that’s what this is. It’s not a how to guide. It’s not a feelings about the world guide (might be some). It’s not a ‘here’s some high quality work I’ve completed.’ It’s just a place to jot some notes, compile some thoughts and check my progress. If any one does end up reading this and enjoying it…excellent! I’m happy to have entertained you! And if you didn’t enjoy it, cool…you should probably read something else then. I recommend real books/novels/whatever as opposed to the bollocks, I’ll be talking!

Oh and there’ll be dog comics…