Cast of Dog Comics


Cu Hound: AKA Copper, Cops, Grumpy dog, Grumples, Grumplestiltskin, Grumps. He’s a Beagle with a long time passion for getting scratches under his neck and behind his ears. Watch out though, should you choose to move your feet when he is anywhere near, he’ll immediately start growling at you and may even snap…because you moved your feet slightly… Yeah…it’s a thing…


Fe2O3: AKA FeO, Woggles, Woggler, Woggleydog, Wogglemonster. He’s a small dog of questionable origins, who’s famous for massive bursts of wiggly woggly energy followed by catatonic napping for hours. Seriously, you can just kind of pick him up and set him places, he won’t bother moving, unless there’s treats of course.


Spectre: AKA Spectronious, Baloney, Balonious, Baloney dog, dogsmuttley.

Sadly, he has passed on now. We’ll miss him.

Thought to be a cross between an Australian sheepdog, a chihuahua, and perhaps some sort of intelligent pillow, Spectre is a dog out of time. If an animals life span can be estimated by their activity level (for example mice have short lives and high activity levels, while elephants move more slowly and can live for 80 years), then Spectre is likely the first life form on the planet earth. His pace of life can be measured much the same as glaciers, in inches per year. He will get up for food…but slowly. He makes sure the house feels like it only has two dogs in it.